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Tensas is a singer-songwriter that spins a unique twist of energetic dark folk, rock, blues and Americana music. Singing originals that will incite and stir up wicked feelings within you, hence why The Indy magazine labeled his music “Rocky Mountain Gothic”. His name Tensas [ten-saw] derives from the 250 mile long Tensas River that he grew up along as a child in the bottomlands of Louisiana. He is based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, which he now calls “Home”. A storyteller for the ages who holds nothing back in his lyrics and live performances.

The Gazette defined his songs The Sickness and Lovely Bones as “two musical anthem’s of 2020 and all that it brought” in a featured music story in their Pulitzer prize winning publication! He was also featured in the “New Colorado Music You Should Know - June Edition” article and playlist last by 303 Magazine last summer. You can expect to see him live on tour this fall promoting his new album called "Let the River Speak".

To-date, his most popular song is one that he wrote in the spring of 2020, which is a rocking acoustic dark folk song influenced by and self-recorded during the initial lockdown and pandemic that he titled “The Sickness” on his debut EP along with other dark original tracks like “Let The River Speak”. The latest Tensas release is a fingerpicking song he wrote in the Fall of 2021, that is about moonshine and hard times called "Consumption" that was inspired by the traditional folk hit "You Are My Sunshine".

Luang Prabang - Live at Tall Tale [Explicit]

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  • Colorado Springs, Indy, Magazine, Tensas, Songwriter, Rocky Mountain, Gothic, Tensas, Derwood, Willhite

    Rocky Mountain Gothic

    INDY Cover Story, June 2021
    Over the course of an hour-long interview, the musician discussed his rural background, the events that brought him to Colorado, and his reasons for writing songs about caged demons and lucky sinners.

    -Bill Foreman

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  • Tensas, Voyage, Denver, Magazine, Songwriter, Musician, Band, Folk, Rock, Grunge, Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak, Teller County, Woodland Park, Tall Tale Records

    HIDDEN GEMS: Meet Tensas of Tall Tale Records

    Voyage Denver Magazine, October 2022
    This discussion with Tensas talks about his musical journey and endeavors at Tall Tale Records! He answered a few questions about what he's been working on lately at Tall Tale Records and was asked to give his thoughts on “success” and how he defines it.

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  • Tensas, Songwriter, Shoutout, Colorado, Magazine, Press, Article, About, Derwood, James, Willhite, Tall Tale Records

    Why they persued a creative career

    Shoutout Colorado Magazine
    August 2022
    My initial interest and passion to pursue a career in the music industry both as an artist and entrepreneur was likely sparked at a young age. It’s not your typical tale though of how most people start out in music as a kid."

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  • Tensas, The Gazette, Songwriter, Colorado, Louisiana, Tall Tale Records

    Colorado Musician Was One of the First to Write about the Pandemic

    The Gazette, May 2021

    You could think of “The Sickness” and “Lovely Bones” as two musical anthems of 2020 and all that it brought. “They’re two very different portrayals,” he said. “And two different ways people feel about things right now.”

    -Amanda Hancock

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  • Tensas, Lovely Bones, Single, 303, Magazine, Denver, Tall Tale Records, Colorado, Louisiana

    New Colorado Music You Should Know – June Edition

    303 Magazine, June 2021

    The first single to be released off of folk artist Tensas’ debut album, “Lovely Bones” is a slow and somber song filled with longing and heartbreak. With the plucked notes of the mandolin lending, a unique sound to the song, the instrumentation allows the lyrics to take center stage.

    -Mariah Hansen

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