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Tensas & The Mourners are a hard Roots-Rock band that welds their own style of rock, blues, folk, jazz and more into a unique sound and show with lively stage antics. This Colorado based 3 piece packs a huge sound by playing and swapping multiple instruments on-stage that Mad Indie Media described as “dark yet energetic roots rock band, hell bent on giving a hell of a live performance”. 

Founded by songwriter and frontman Tensas, he originally started the band in early 2023 and first asked Desha M. to play drums and trumpet. The pair offered up a similar approach to The White Stripes into their own style of roots rock, while playing mostly originals that Tensas had written prior. Shortly after forming the band, Tensas wrote a song called Carnival that is about how people behave during hard times. Desha and Tensas composed and recorded their own version of Carnival and released their first single as band in July of 2023, debuting it live on TV for a Colorado morning show the same day as well. 

Later that Fall, the pair had decided to fill out their sound by adding in Aloena on the bass guitar, who is a 17 year old up and coming multi-instrumentalist. She now swaps with Desha between the drums and bass guitar, and has also began helping the band write and compose new music for their debut album set to release in the summer of 2024. Since starting, the band has already played reputable stages around Colorado and has toured to Oregon already and has their first big headline coming up this June 24th at The Oriental Theater in Denver.

Band Members
Tensas - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Desha - Drums, Trumpet, Vocals
Aloena - Bass Guitar

Tensas & The Mourners have a very distinct sound that may be characterized as old-time stop rock with lively stage antics. Tensas & The Mourners are a dark yet energetic roots rock band from Colorado hell bent (no pun intended) on giving a hell of a live performance. Commonly referencing stories of loss, turmoil and hollow victories Tensas and the Mourners has a distinct sound that is difficult not to enjoy. Their most recent release on Spotify is a new take on an old classic, “St. James Infirmary Blues”

-Mad Indie Media

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